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Collection bois et acier
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Forge Design


A balance between classic aesthetics and bold modernity

The perfect blend of natural and industrial

Forge Design is a name that resonates with connoisseurs. Not by chance, but because this company stands out for its remarkable expertise in creating unique coffee tables in wood and steel. Two materials that complement each other perfectly for a finish that’s as solid as it is aesthetically pleasing.

A unique touch for every table

Wood is a noble and warm material, which Forge Design chooses with particular care. Each piece is selected for its grain, color and history, bringing a unique touch to every table. Whether exotic or local, raw or polished, wood is always highlighted in these creations.

Steel, on the other hand, offers a resolutely modern, industrial dimension. It is precision-worked by skilled craftsmen to create sturdy, stylish structures. Steel blends perfectly with wood, giving it an unmistakably contemporary character. But beyond these materials, it’s Forge Design’s know-how that makes all the difference.

The care taken with every detail, the passion that goes into every weld, every stroke of the plane, transform these coffee tables into veritable works of art for your home.

Discover the Forge Design collection without further ado, and let yourself be seduced by the raw beauty of these unique coffee tables.


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