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2023: A history of colors

2023: Une histoire de couleurs

2023 is going to be an explosion of colors! But not just any kind! We’re talking bright, retro hues that exude joie de vivre and comfort. In any case, we’re gearing up for brighter days with this outpouring of nostalgic and cheerful shades.

But what are these trends? 2023?

We start with the classic blue. From sky blue to bold navy blue, this color has always had a place in our interiors.

And how it relaxes us! It’s like being on the edge of the ocean. It’s like a bulwark against stress. What’s more, blue is extremely fashionable. I’m sure you’ll be seeing them everywhere in homes this year.

In fact, Sico has chosen a bolder version of blue as the color of the year 2023. Even Bétonel recommends this refined blue to create a soothing atmosphere.

And we can’t forget blue jeans – a fabric that goes with everything and looks great with 70s earth tones. In short, blue is a sure thing.

A touch of color

Then there are the colors that sting the eyes a bit, but in a good way! When we visited Milan’s Salone de Mobile earlier this year, bright orange was everywhere.

This sparkling, playful shade will be in the spotlight in 2023. And then, retro yellow makes a comeback, brighter than the soft version we’ve been seeing everywhere lately.

Whether you use it sparingly to brighten up a room that’s a little gloomy, or as a total look on walls or key pieces of furniture, orange and yellow is always a good idea.

These chameleonic colors can be elegant or wild. They’re here to stay. Yellow and orange will take over every room in the house, but will surely become more discreet in the years to come. So, have you had your fill of vitamin C?

Green, without jealousy

They say it’s not easy being green, but we don’t agree. Green is here to stay. Current trends feature moss green, a color that goes with everything and adapts to any decor.

We’re also seeing more and more emerald, reminiscent of the raw energy of the 90s. This regal color catches the eye, energizes the living room or bedroom, and enhances more neutral decors.

Whether you prefer a soft, muted green or a vigorous, neon green, green is always fresh and versatile.

In a perpetual neutral state

Despite the craze for bright colors, neutral hues are timeless. Beige creates a common thread and an opportunity to add colorful accents to a space.

Dark brown evokes comfort and warmth, reminiscent of chocolate, nuts or earth. Pastels like pink and peach soften any decor.

Think of it as proof that neutral colors make space delicate and harmonize with a variety of colors and materials. Think of it as a versatile canvas, the background to your color story.

Pantone sets the tone

The Pantone color of the year 2022 has been a favorite of fashionistas this past year, but it hasn’t yet received the same buzz in interior design.

Little by little, it is beginning to appear on furniture and accessories.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on its popularity, especially considering how well this shade blends in with other emerging color trends.

For 2023, Pantone has decided to change course and leave blue behind, choosing Viva Magenta as color of the year.

This bright red hue with undertones of brick and fuchsia gives a foretaste of what’s to come.

Viva Magenta is a rich color, full of passion, ardor and excitement.

This sophisticated red exudes strength and passion, and is the ideal color for all the free spirits among us. Inspired by cochineal red, one of nature’s oldest shades, you’ll love how this bold color stimulates your creativity.


With a return to earth tones and an explosion of bright colors, the 2023 palette promises to be energizing, joyful and eclectic.

We’re seeing a return to retro colors with a modern twist, colors that work wonderfully with much-loved neutrals.

So don’t hesitate to add a touch of color to your walls, furniture and accessories.

It’s the easiest way to energize your home and lift your spirits.

Your vision, our realization. Unique furniture for unique moments.

Thanks for reading! See you at the next blog!

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