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The dining room!

La salle à manger!

The dining room, more than just a room

Oh la la, the dining room! It’s more than just a room, it’s a sanctuary for family gatherings, dinners with friends and much more.

You know, it can also become a makeshift office, a classroom for the kids or even a playroom. So how do you keep everything tidy and stylish at the same time?
Let us guide you!

First, let’s talk furniture. The china cabinet, for example, is a real space-saver. We’ve all seen these magnificent pieces, with their majestic stature, that add a zest of charm to any dining room.

Crockery and cutlery can be cleverly stored here, while floor space is conserved. What’s more, if you want to show off your lovely collection of crockery, choose a china cabinet with glass doors, which even has built-in LED lighting to make your treasures shine.

Now let’s imagine a sideboard, smaller than a china cabinet, that gives you space to show off your favorite decor.

Imagine all your napkins, glasses and other kitchen utensils neatly tucked away behind its doors and drawers, while your favorite bouquet of flowers or photo frame sits proudly on top.

The buffet is perfect for this, with its spacious surface and sturdy look.

And what about a console table? This elegant, unobtrusive piece of furniture is perfect for storing all kinds of things without taking up too much space. Imagine it as, where you can hide utensils and towels in the drawers, and place aesthetically pleasing kitchen objects on the top and bottom shelves.

Add some storage!

And don’t underestimate the potential of a library. Sure, they’re common in offices and living rooms, but they can work wonders in the dining room.

Here you can store your favorite cookery books and other knick-knacks. With a backless bookcase, you can even define your space in an open dining room.

And a bench? Place it against a wall and use it to display your favorite objects. And when you have a large family gathering, simply move these items out of the way and use the bench for extra seating.

Another clever idea: a set of nesting tables. You can use them together for a spectacular look, or separate them for more room to serve.

Now for some storage tips. First, use drawer dividers and bins to keep your belongings organized. Next, make sure that the items you use frequently are easily accessible, and store the others high up or at the back of your furniture.

Make the most of the vertical space in your dining room. Think of a tall china cabinet that can hold lots of things without cluttering up the space. And don’t forget wall-mounted shelves and storage units – they can be a valuable asset.

And don’t forget to combine open and closed storage. This can make a small dining room more welcoming. Imagine a sideboard with drawers, empty spaces and a vertical sliding panel that lets you show off your crockery and decorations.

Whether you’re a fan of the contemporary, mid-century, minimalist, rustic or warm look, there’s a dining room storage unit waiting for you. And remember, storage doesn’t have to be boring-it can really enhance your decor and bring your space to life.

So let’s go ahead and create a space that’s just like you!

Your vision, our realization. Unique furniture for unique moments. Thanks for reading!

See you at the next blog!

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